YouTuber fractures skull during Texas bridge jump


A YouTuber chasing his “dreams” broke his head after jumping into a river from the top of a massive Texas bridge last week.
Saa Fomba recorded last Monday’s stunt at Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge, posting it on his YouTube channel Friday after several days in hospital.

Pictures show the daredevil as he hatches the dangerous waterfall.

“I hope this video will motivate you to pursue your dreams,” Fomba told the camera as he prepared to jump into the Colorado River. “I don’t see any pleasure in living a normal life.”

A woman later records Fomba climbing an arch of the bridge. At the top of the arch, Fomba raises her arms in the air before jumping wildly into the water below, the video shows.

A boater hauled Fomba out of the water and he is later seen lying on the shore until first responders arrive.

Saa Emmanuel Fomba jumping from a bridge.
Saa Emmanuel Fomba jumping from a bridge.@ SaaFomba / YouTube

Later in the video, Fomba gave a video update on his condition from a hospital room.

“It’s the third day in the hospital. I can walk… I fractured part of my skull, ”he says.

“People text me” is it worth it? »Said Fomba. “No one wanted to get hurt, but it’s always worth chasing your dreams.”

Saa Emmanuel Fomba
Saa Emmanuel Fomba@ SaaFomba / YouTube

Officials told CBS Austin that Fomba was taken to St. David’s South Austin Medical Center.

It is unclear whether he will face criminal charges yet.


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