YouTube will show ads on non-partnered videos, but won’t pay creators


YouTube said in an update to its terms of service on Wednesday that it had the “right to monetize” all content on its platform. As such, it will begin showing ads on videos from channels not part of its YouTube partner program, which shares ad revenue with creators.The move comes after Google reported a particularly strong third quarter for YouTube, which saw ad growth of $ 5.04 billion, up 32% from a year ago. This will likely increase YouTube’s revenue and margins, but it’s sure to rank creators who aren’t eligible to make money on the platform.

From now on, channels of any size can see ads appearing on their videos as long as they follow its “Advertiser Guidelines”. This means that videos will need to meet basic standards to minimize content such as inappropriate language, hateful content, or adult content, among other restrictions.

YouTube says all videos with advertisements will still need to meet brand safety standards as determined by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. The company said secure content for the brand was identified using a combination of artificial and human intelligence, and ad adequacy was considered at the video level rather than by channel. It also states that advertisers can choose not to appear on those videos outside of the program if they wish.

In YouTube community updates, the company told creators that even though they are not part of the program, they may see advertisements on some of their videos.

“Since you are not currently a member of the YPP program, you will not receive a share of the revenue generated from these ads, although you will still have the option to apply to the YPP program as you normally would once you complete. the eligibility conditions, ”he says. .

The company said it would start by making inventory outside of the YouTube Partner Program available for direct response ads in the Recommended Video Stream under the mobile video player and alongside the YouTube video player website.

YouTube will not show ads on channels that have been removed from its partner program for content violation.


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