Yorkshire coronavirus live updates as Lockdown 2 looms and huge mass testing program announced in Liverpool


Doctors should choose who lives and who dies

Johnson said if the virus was allowed to continue to spread at the same rate, the NHS would be overwhelmed.

Doctors might be forced to choose who lives and dies, as some patients are turned away.

Johnson said for the first time in the history of the NHS that we would not have universal health care for all.

The Prime Minister said: “Let me explain to you the medical and moral disaster we are facing. If we allowed our healthcare system to be overwhelmed, exactly as the data now suggests, it wouldn’t only be a disaster for thousands of Covid patients as their survival rates plummet, we would also reach a point where the NHS would no longer exist. there for everyone.

“The sick would be turned away because there was no room in our hospitals. This sacred principle of caring for whoever needs it, whoever and wherever, when they need it, could be broken for the first time in our lives.

“Doctors and nurses may be forced to choose which patients to treat, who will live and who will die. And this existential threat to our NHS does not come from focusing too much on the coronavirus, but not focusing enough.

“If we fail to bring the coronavirus under control, it is the weight of demand from Covid patients that would deprive others of the care they need. Cancer treatment, heart surgery, other life-saving procedures all could be put at risk if we don’t get the virus under control.


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