WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Notes: Drew McIntyre Invades Roman Reigns Island


Heading into Survivor Series, SmackDown has focused on a match that is in no way guaranteed to take place on the November 22 pay-per-view. Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been put in the sights of former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, with the Raw superstar making a surprise appearance on the series.McIntyre, who faces Randy Orton in a WWE Championship rematch on next Monday’s Raw, interrupted a promo with “The Tribal Chief” to open the show and closed the night with a win. on Reigns cousin, Jey Uso. It was a surprising turning point for the series and built a story that could lead to a showdown between two of the biggest stars currently in the promotion.

CBS Sports was with you all night, bringing you recaps and highlights from all the action of the night. Read on for everything you need to know about SmackDown.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre come face to face

Roman Reigns started the show off with an in-ring promo about his “Island of Relevancy” while trying to talk about facing Randy Orton at Survivor Series, but before he could say much, the musical success by Drew McIntyre and the Raw superstar gave up on surprise. brand appearance. McIntyre told Reigns not to worry about facing Orton as he plans to beat Orton in their next Raw title game next week. McIntyre spoke about eliminating Reigns to win the Royal Rumble before saying he’s now the man, having taken that title from Reigns during the Universal Champion’s absence in the early months of the pandemic. Before Reigns and McIntyre could come to grips with it, Jey Uso ran to the ring, grabbed the microphone and challenged McIntyre to a head-to-head match later that night. McIntyre shoved Uso onto the mat and stared at Reigns before Reigns, Uso and Paul Heyman left the ring. A furious reign was later shown beating Uso, saying he was calling the punches, not Uso.

Drew McIntyre bat. Jey Uso via pinfall after a Claymore. Uso came into the ring with a look that seemed split between intensity and fear and was quickly on the defensive as McIntyre taunted him and told him to prove himself. Uso eventually fought back, but couldn’t match the power and speed of McIntyre, who started to throw Uso around the ring with a series of stomach-to-stomach suplexes. Reigns’ music hit and the Universal Champion walked into the ring with Paul Heyman, providing a distraction that allowed Uso to push McIntyre into the post and steps. Uso went up to the ring saying, ‘I’m going to beat him,’ but Reigns stopped him and said, ‘I don’t care if you beat him. Make him understand. Uso got into the ring and tried to hit McIntyre, but was quickly hit by a Claymore for the finish. The show ended after a brief glance between McIntyre and Reigns.

With Reigns and McIntyre near the peak of their respective powers, there was a bit of electricity in the opening segment when it was clear the two were about to come face to face. Uso continued to perform well in his role as a lackey who doesn’t quite know how to deal with his out-of-control cousin. But if McIntyre didn’t beat Orton on Monday, what was the point of spending a week making a match that wouldn’t happen at Survivor Series instead of building the main event a la carte? Still, it’s hard to see any real issues with what’s been presented between the two this week. Quality: B +

The Mysterio family finally accepts Murphy

Rey Mysterio defeats. Seth Rollins via fall in a no-grip match with a 619. The entire Mysterio clan was outside the ring on one side, with Murphy on the other, apparently completely behind Rollins once again. Rollins was hitting an electric bomb from the first string through a table set up in the ring for a close fall. Rollins removed the rubber stopper from a chair leg and tried to push it into Mysterio’s eyes, but Dominik Mysterio pulled him out of the ring, a distraction that left Mysterio hitting a dropkick to ram the chair into the ring. Rollins face. Murphy jumped into the ring to help Rollins before giving him the chair. As Rollins was about to attack Mysterio, Murphy turned and hit him with a bouncy knee. As Rollins yelled at Murphy between the ropes, Mysterio tried to hit a 619 but slipped in the process, so they handed room for him to hit the movement and a frog splash for the win.

After the match, Mysterio told Murphy to get in the ring. He asked Murphy if he wanted his approval to date Aalyah and shook his hand. Mysterio then told Dominik to do the same, which he did. The family then hugged Murphy as he finally showed he was done with Rollins for good. Later, Rollins approached Adam Pearce and demanded he be given a match with Murphy, saying he would destroy him.

While that was supposed to be the end of the story between Mysterio and Rollins, things between Rollins and Murphy seem far from over. The real story of the game was the number of misfires that occurred between the bells. The 619 blew on the finish and the table powerbomb spot went wrong when Rollins almost dropped Mysterio and had to fall from the second string down, which significantly reduced the spot, stood out widely. Also, Murphy had defended the Rollins Mysterios on several occasions prior to this game, but this time he seems to have stuck that he’s a “good guy” so now he can date Rey’s 19-year-old daughter? Nothing really worked here except that Rey participated in the frog tribute on Eddie Guerrero’s birthday. Quality: C-

What Else Happened on WWE SmackDown?

  • Intercontinental Championship – Sami Zayn (c) def. Apollo Crews via the count to retain the title. Zayn was upset not to find out about his title defense until an hour before the show. The two got into a fight outside the ring when the ring apron came off. Zayn used the ropes along the ring to tie Crews’ foot before stepping back into the ring to beat the count while Crews was stuck on the outside.
  • Carmella attacked Sasha Banks for the second week in a row. Banks was cutting an in-ring promo about how she proved the skeptics wrong by retaining the SmackDown female title last week in her rematch with Bayley when Carmella’s music hit and it hit she attacked the champion from behind.
  • Otis def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall with a Vader bomb. Ziggler and Robert Roode mocked Otis for eating three restaurant plates during a backstage segment. Otis easily handled Ziggler but Roode stepped in, allowing Ziggler to hit a Zig Zag for a two count. Otis quickly returned to win the short game.
  • Chad Gable offered Otis a chance to be framed. Gable, after congratulating Otis on his victory, said Otis needed to unlock his “inner alpha” and gave him a flyer.
  • Qualifying match for the Survivor series – Liv Morgan won. Natalya, Tamina and Chelsea Green via pinfall after hitting a facebuster on Tamina. Green made her SmackDown debut in the match, being announced as a late entrant in the match after being shown backstage with Adam Pearce earlier. She was taken out of the game quickly after suffering an apparent injury before Morgan advanced to the Survivor Series squad by pinning Tamina.
  • The Street Profits and Big E traded insults behind the scenes. Big E was once again serving as a substitute for his New Day brothers ahead of the Survivor Series game between the two teams.


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