WWE Rumor Roundup – Big news on Royal Rumble winner, former champion’s career in jeopardy, injured superstar spotted behind the scenes of the Survivor series


Survivor Series is in the books, and we’re back with another edition of WWE Rumor Roundup.WWE’s last pay-per-view was a regular Survivor Series offer made special by The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. Now we have several behind-the-scenes details about what happened behind the scenes with The Undertaker at Survivor Series and what Vince McMahon said to The Deadman. Could WWE boss call Undertaker back for another match?

A few big names were missing from Survivor Series, and the reason for the decision has been revealed. An update on Aleister Black’s WWE status has also been revealed, and things don’t look good for the former NXT Champion.

WWE also reportedly considered an innovative idea for the winner of the Royal Rumble match.

We also have some important behind-the-scenes notes from Survivor Series, including producers of all games and news regarding a few behind-the-scenes veterans on the show.

On that note, let’s get right into today’s roundup of WWE rumors:

# 5. WWE discussed an interesting booking decision for the Royal Rumble winner

Royal Rumble is just around the corner, and speculation about what might be in store for pay-per-view has started to circle.

Bryan Alvarez has opened up about a possible booking decision for the Royal Rumble on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

Alvarez noted that a plan that has been considered by WWE for years is to have the last two contestants eliminated before the 30th participant. The 30th participant would then be automatically declared the winner. The idea has already been mentioned but has never been performed at the Royal Rumble à la carte.

The reservation plan was particularly discussed a few years ago when there were doubts about Daniel Bryan’s status in the ring.

“I can tell you this. They have been planning to do this finish for years. Not with anybody in particular, but I mean, it falls, and there are two guys left, and # 30 hasn’t come out yet, and the last two people get eliminated, then # 30 walks around the ring. and wins. And, you know, I’ve heard the idea before, I don’t know if they’ve ever considered doing it, but the people there told me the idea. That year, remember when Daniel Bryan was unable to compete, and we thought he was retired forever. I heard people suggest then like, well, nobody can touch Bryan. ”

The plan can be used for either men’s or women’s Royal Rumble matches; however, at this point it’s still a decision that hasn’t budged from the drawing board.

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 9:51 AM


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