Woman in her underwear forces plane to land early


An alcoholic woman took off her pants on a flight to Texas and swung at a flight attendant – forcing the plane to be diverted to Alabama, reports and a witness said.Sierra Nicole McClinton, 25, was drunk and first vomited on herself aboard the CommutAir flight to Houston from Jacksonville, Fla., Thursday – prompting her to take off her pants, according to Fox News and an Instagram post by a man. who said he was on the flight.

McClinton, of Universal City, Texas, then had an argument with another passenger, according to reports.

A flight attendant stepped in to try to calm McClinton, but the woman swung on her, according to the witness and reports.

McClinton’s alleged antics forced the plane to land early in Mobile, Alabama – where she got off in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear.

She appeared intoxicated and allegedly yelled obscenities while refusing to listen to the officers’ orders, Fox reported.

McClinton faces charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

In a statement to Fox News, a representative for CommutAir told Flt. No. 4332, “operating as United Express from Jacksonville to Houston, was diverted to Mobile when a passenger became disruptive.” The plane landed safely in Mobile where law enforcement met him at the gate. The flight continued to Houston shortly thereafter.


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