Windsor’s top doc says everyone needs to take responsibility as mayor is breaking COVID-19 rules


The Windsor-Essex Regional Medical Officer of Health says everyone “needs to be more responsible” after Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens was caught violating COVID-19 restrictions at a restaurant last week.In response to a photo posted on social media of Dilkens sitting at a table with seven other people in Nico Taverna, Medical Officer of Health Dr Wajid Ahmed said the pandemic had changed his personal actions and believed everyone should do your part.

« [My life] and the lives of our staff have been affected by [COVID-19] significantly, we are not doing what we used to do. It’s a change. I think we all need to lead and lead by example, ”Ahmed said. We have to be responsible. ”

On November 18, when the area was in the province’s protection – or yellow – category, Dilkens was pictured having dinner with a group that exceeded the six-person limit.

Hours earlier, Dilkens was among mayors in the region who called for a “zero tolerance approach” to the enforcement of COVID-19 regulations.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, right, sits at a table with eight other patrons last week. At the time, the maximum number of people allowed to dine together under Windsor-Essex yellow – or protected – status was six. (Instagram)

But since staff from the local health unit were not on hand to witness the violation, Ahmed said, the mayor will not be charged.

“It is very difficult for us to charge someone when the officer is not there to observe the offense,” Ahmed said.

“Just looking at the photos, I know the mayor has already taken this step to recognize and accept, but even the authenticity of some of them [pieces of] the evidence is sometimes called into question, ”he said.

“If our staff were there and noticed this violation, they probably would have issued a ticket. “

Living a COVID “nightmare”

Since March, Ahmed has said that he and Theresa Marentette, the head nurse of the health service, “lived and breathed… I want to call it a nightmare, not a dream, of the COVID pandemic”.

As a result, he says he is thinking about his own actions and their impact on his family or community.

“We have to do what is best for me, what is best for my family and what is best for my community and all of those thoughts have to come into play,” he said.

“And if I don’t follow any of these measures, what impact will it have on the rest of the community – if I get sick, if I get infected, what happens? “

Dilkens, Orr, Harcus donate

Dilkens admitted the violation on Monday. He did not receive a ticket or notice of rule violation, but said he would make a donation of equivalent value to Windsor Goodfellows. The amount is $ 750.

Dilkens is pictured sitting next to his wife and across from Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island.

In a statement to CBC News, Orr said, “It was a mistake on my part to attend a rally over six years old. I take responsibility for it and therefore, like Mayor Dilkens, I will donate $ 750 to my charity. choice: Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services. ”

Canadian Club Whiskey brand ambassador Tish Harcus was also pictured and announced she will donate to Hiatus House Windsor.

The others in the photo have not yet been identified.


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