Will Travis Green sign overtime before the season?


Alright, guys!It’s time for a fall mailbag. Start with the question about Travis Green’s contract. Stick around for the Cheech update!

Ultimately, I think Travis Green will get his extra time before the start of the 2020-2021 season (when it’s hell). Some think the term delays this deal, while others think it’s money. Let’s be honest here – there are a number of factors, but these two (as in most contract negotiations) come to the fore.

Green has one year left on his four-year contract which is making him $ 1 million a year, and I don’t think anyone would say he doesn’t deserve a raise. The Green Canucks are coming off an impressive run in the Edmonton bubble after a fairly solid regular season even though the playoffs were far from guaranteed at the break. He’s also proven he can help develop young players (his time at Utica included) and incorporate them into his line-up.

Another thing that should not be overlooked is its ability to handle the scrutiny of a Canadian market. Vancouver can be brutal at times, and Green has proven to be able to navigate everything that comes with coaching in this market – especially the media.

So what should his chord look like? I don’t think Green is interested in an extension of less than three years. And as for dollars: Well, the average salary of an NHL coach is not known as some have not been disclosed. However, it is believed to be between $ 2.7 million and $ 3 million. It would be a perfectly fine / fair range for his second contract with the team.

Yes, money spent is a huge concern for the property right now given the current climate due to COVID, but let’s not forget that Green’s next deal won’t go into effect until the start of the 2021–22 season. . And it goes without saying that there is obviously no cap issue when paying your trainer money.

What if something is not done before the season? You can bet Green wouldn’t be happy to be a “lame” head coach. And if he achieves free will, there is no doubt that there will be suitors.

Finally, given that there are expectations around this team now AND that the Canucks have taken a step back (which stage is up for debate) AND will have to rely on even more young players, then it’s not hard to conclude. that could be Green’s toughest job behind the bench. He won a raise and when (if) he gets it, he has to prove he’s worth it.

I would have liked to have had an answer for you.

I contacted Troy Stecher and his response was “no clue”.

I contacted Brock Boeser and his response was “no idea”.

Brandon Sutter offered a few possibilities: Jake Virtanen or Tyler Myers. Sutter says no one is “volunteering” for the job. He added that since Virtanen and Myers both do a part of the warming up halfpipe, then one of them would naturally be next.

“One hundred percent one of those two. I’ll go with Jake, ”was Sutter’s final verdict.

“Shotgun Jake” is such a wonderful tradition now. It’s a shame that I don’t remember who invented it. But let’s say he’s injured and the fans need a player to cheer on in order to get alcohol into their system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Two options at the top of my head:


• CLAMATO DE MOTTE (although swallowing a Caesar would be terrible)

I’m not sure at this point, but I know much more creative people will find something if needed.

Well, Nick shot 63, so….

We mostly played from the predictions, and Petey (4-cap) edged out Stecher and myself by a few shots anyway.

Olli Juolevi is the only guy I’m sure to say he’ll be in the squad once the season starts. Management thinks he’s ready for the next step, and he’s pretty much a lock in doing it from my understanding.

One of Jack Rathbone, Brogan Rafferty or Jalen Chatfield will likely be on the squad as well. And there’s a good chance one of the Podkolzin or Hoglander (or both) will see games after their respective seasons have ended abroad.

They all had their moments. At the start of his tenure, Alain Vigneault was excellent (and unofficially, he was the best!), But AV has become a bit more low-key over the years. However, if he wanted to get something there, he would absolutely deliver it. Do you remember his response after Dave Bolland mocked the Sedins in an interview?

I have always enjoyed dealing with John Tortorella in a one-on-one situation. Scrums might get a little more irritable. Travis Green has been excellent with good, thoughtful answers to questions he deems worthy. Marc Crawford was often very intense, which made things interesting. And Mike Keenan might be looking a hole through you.

By all indications, Micheal Ferland is skating and preparing to come to Canucks training camp. That said, considering how last season unfolded – ultimately ending with Ferland leaving the bubble in Edmonton with a concussion – it has to be believed the Canucks are gearing up for a season without. him. Maybe they’re even betting on Ferland for the LTIR, which would free up some precious ceiling space.

Whatever happens, everyone wishes the best for Ferland as he is a young man with a family and there is a lot of life to live.

Well she is a golden retriever, then.

Why were the TSN guys filling the mailbox this week? STOP THE ACCOUNT! And Jason, the answer to your question is yes.

Illustration courtesy of @georgiatwiss

I’m going to go with WASP here, if only because of my love for this video:

Let’s get rid of my class growing up (Ledgeview) and my current class (Marine Drive). I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t played many of the great courses in our province. So I’m interested to hear some of the suggestions from my readers. Having said that, here are a few that I really enjoyed.

• Capilano (hard to beat in sunny weather)
• Ridge Course to Predator (just an absolute blast)
• Shaughnessy (a brutal but fair test)
• Whistler (love the layout)
• Big Sky (unreal backdrop)
• Victoria (the holes in the ocean are amazing)

My game has been in constant decline for the past few years no matter how late my playoff assignments, Mr. Sekeres. I would say my game mainly suffers from a lack of engagement in practice.

That will sum up: Doug Roxburgh’s legendary locker is close to mine at Marine Drive. In the summer of 2019, I saw Doug getting ready to go to the field, so I asked him if he was playing that day. He said, “No, I’m just going to the practice bunker to hit balls. ”

And I thought to myself that I’ve been a member of this course for over a decade and I don’t think I’ve ever been to the practice bunker. Just one of the millions of reasons Doug won the BC Amateur 13 times when I missed the cup twice.

However, Matt, there is only one team that has won the prestigious late-season member-member tournament twice at Marine. The second title has arrived in the playoffs in 2020!


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