Why have Canadians been warned not to let moose lick their cars?


The park has seen an increase in human-wildlife encounters in recent years, according to Young. Drivers who stop to take pictures of animals or with animals make the problem worse.

“What we see the most is people are a little more daring with wildlife because of the selfie generation, Instagram – people are getting a little closer to wildlife than they should be,” did he declare.

Mr. Young stressed that no matter which national park you visit, it’s important to keep your distance from animals. “The more space there is between you and the wildlife, the healthier it is for them and for you,” he says.

It is illegal to feed or disturb wildlife in a Canadian national park, and violators can face fines of up to 25,000 Canadian dollars ($ 19,000).

The moose’s message isn’t the only double tip worthy of being taken by Jasper National Park regarding human-animal relations in recent days. Last week, the park tweeted warning residents not to hang Christmas lights in open spaces so as to get tangled in elk antlers.


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