Who wins the American elections? Income statement by state and electoral college map LIVE upon arrival


America went to the polls to decide whether the Donald Trump era is extended by four years or made history.

The Republican is challenged by former Barack Obama vice president Joe Biden, who – three weeks before his 78th birthday – wants to become the oldest person to be elected to the Oval Office.

The 59th quadrennial presidential election of the United States was uniquely shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic which has left the country scarred by death, division and economic desperation.

Fearing the risk of catching the virus on election day, more than 92 million Americans voted early in an unprecedented wave of early voting, which has led experts to predict the turnout will be higher than n any election since 1908.

Biden enjoyed a healthy edge over Trump in national opinion polls heading into the election.

However, the race was much tighter in crucial swing states like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio and you can follow the results live overnight with our interactive map.

Results are expected to start arriving in the early hours of Wednesday UK time.

The magic number that holds the key to the White House for Trump or Biden is 270 Electoral College votes and you can follow their progress below.

And you can check out the latest results alphabetically below.

State Projected winner Votes of the electoral college
Alabama Asset 9
Alaska Pending result 3
Arizona Pending result 11
Arkansas Asset 6
California Pending result 55
Colorado Pending result 9
Connecticut Biden sept
Delaware Biden 3
District of Colombia Biden 3
Florida Pending result 29
Georgia Pending result 16
Hawaii Pending result 4
Idaho Pending result 4
Illinois Biden 20
Indiana Asset 11
Iowa Pending result 6
Kansas Pending result 6
Kentucky Asset 8
Louisiana Pending result 8
Maryland Biden dix
Maine* Pending result 4
Massachusetts Biden 11
Michigan Pending result 16
Minnesota Pending result dix
Mississippi Asset 6
Missouri Pending result dix
Montana Pending result 3
Nebraska* Pending result 5
Nevada Pending result 6
New Hampshire Pending result 4
New Jersey Biden 14
New Mexico Pending result 5
New York Pending result 29
North Carolina Pending result 15
North Dakota Pending result 3
Ohio Pending result 18
Oklahoma Asset sept
Oregon Pending result sept
Pennsylvania Pending result 20
Rhode Island Biden 4
Caroline from the south Asset 9
Dakota du Sud Pending result 3
Tennessee Asset 11
Texas Pending result 38
Utah Pending result 6
Vermont Biden 3
Virginie Biden 13
Washington Pending result 12
West Virginia Asset 5
Wisconsin Pending result dix
Wyoming Pending result 3
Current totals
Joe Biden 88
Donald Trump 72
* Nebraska and Maine may split the votes between candidates


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