While you were asleep: If you got up early to check your Lotto Max ticket, sorry


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No beans: No winning tickets were sold for Friday night’s $ 43.9 million Lotto Max jackpot. This means that the jackpot for the next draw on November 24 will increase to around $ 50 million, and there will also be two Maxmillions prizes of $ 1 million each up for grabs.

No, really, no beans: A container shortage at the Port of Vancouver is slowing Canadian exports of lentils and peas, the latest wave in a phenomenon that has disrupted trade. Companies are rushing to get the steel boxes to Asia so that consumer goods made in factories there can be shipped to North America in time for the Christmas shopping season. It’s a more cost-effective approach for shippers than waiting for agricultural products to be loaded and shipped. As a result, tons of peas and lentils – known as pulses – from the world’s largest producer remain stored on farms and in elevators, far from Canada’s Pacific coast port.

During this time, with the Impact: There is never an easy way to lose an elimination match in professional sports. But in football, it is rare for a match to end as suddenly as the one last night. And that will make things even more painful for the Impact when the time comes for reflection. As the clubs apparently headed for 30 minutes of overtime, followed by penalties if necessary, Montreal lost in agonizing and heartbreaking fashion. In the dying seconds of five minutes of extra time, and with potentially the last kick of the game, Gustavo Bou sent the New England Revolution to a 2-1 victory in a play-in round match at Gillette Stadium.


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