Wetherspoon’s offers 99 pints as lockdown in England approaches | Business


Pubs in Wetherspoon will be selling pints of beer for 99 pence to try to dump stock that would otherwise be dumped into the sewers during England’s new lockdown.Britain’s largest pub chain will close its English establishments on Wednesday at 10 p.m. before the lockdown, following the government’s surprise announcement on Saturday.

The prime minister’s statement, which had not been widely expected until plans were disclosed on Friday afternoon, prompted preparations for another round of forced business closures.

“Wetherspoon’s had already introduced significant price cuts, with pints of beer for £ 1.29 as it tried to build customer loyalty when the ‘eat out to help’ program expired,” the company said.

Wetherspoon’s had never lost money since its founding in 1984, but the pandemic caused sales to drop 30% in the year, until July 26. This pushed him to a loss of £ 105million.

The short notice of the foreclosure has meant that pubs face the prospect of throwing away expensive inventory again. About 70 million pints of beer were thrown away in the first UK-wide lockdown in March, according to data from the British Beer and Pubs Association. The industrial group estimates that 7.5 million could lose this time.

Jonathan Neame, managing director of Shepherd Neame, one of Britain’s oldest breweries, criticized the government for repeatedly changing its approach to the hospitality industry.

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Neame also criticized the restrictions on the sale of takeaway beer after pubs close, in an interview with BBC Radio 4. “Now we are told that all the beer that is in the cellars of pubs, we cannot not even sell a pint of beer to go with a meal during the lockdown, so we have to rock everything, ”he says.

Wetherspoon’s spokesperson Eddie Gershon said: “All of our pubs in England will be serving their real ales at 99p a pint until the pubs close on Wednesday night.

“The reality is that all real beers not sold between now and the lockdown will have to be thrown out, so customers better get to enjoy them cheaply while the pubs stay open.”

Wetherspoon denied that the promotion would have any effect on the transmission of Covid-19. Gershon said each pub has introduced government-mandated security measures and restrictions on the number of visitors.


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