We should boycott France, Germany, UK and all other countries for the use of water cannons and tear gas


The recent protests around Delhi have brought to the fore a terrible example of human rights violation that has been occurring in India for generations. Used by just about all police forces in all states.

Media on the use of water cannons

Oh dear. We don’t want a fascist government in India waging “war” on the citizens, do we?

Did I say tear gas and water cannons have been used in all states for generations? No no. I meant only after 2014 in the states ruled by the BJP. I’m talking about this. You know what I mean?

Kerala using water cannons

Anyway. Just because the Kerala IPC (M) government used water cannons on protesters in August 2020 does not mean IPC (M) Sitaram Yechury cannot be part of a joint statement that using the water cannon is like waging war.

Nevertheless, it is good that we finally have a liberal national consensus against the war on the citizens by means of water cannons and tear gas. As a newly awakened nation, we also have a moral responsibility to stand up against other countries that commit such atrocities. I have compiled here a brief list of those fascist regimes that we might wish to start with.

(1) Switzerland (Jan 2020)

Swiss cops using water cannons

According to NDTV, Swiss police have used tear gas and water cannons against protesters against the World Economic Forum in Zurich this year. Water cannon in the harsh cold of January? I demand an immediate break in diplomatic relations with Switzerland. And India is now expected to boycott the World Economic Forum.

(2) Germany (Nov 2020)

According to Bloomberg, German police in Berlin used water cannons on protesters just two weeks ago. (Warning: graphic images)

German police use water cannons on protesters

And with that, Germany’s return to Nazism officially began. I propose that the world send an ultimatum to German Chancellor Angela Merkel now. This time, let’s stop Germany before they invade Poland, presumably with water cannons.

(3) Italy (May 2016)

According to the BBC, Italy used water cannons against housing activists in Rome in May 2016. (Warning: graphic images)

Roman police use water cannons on protesters

Oh dear. Germany and Italy. I don’t like the sound of that. This time around, the major European powers, like France and the UK, should declare war on the Axis Powers before things get totally out of hand.

(4) France (Dec 2018)

According to the BBC, France also used tear gas and water cannons on protesters.

French police use water cannons on protesters

It’s officially time to panic. They took control of France. Hopefully at least the UK will pass, like last time.

(5) United Kingdom (March 2012)

In Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, police are also using tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters. (Warning: graphic images)

Police in Northern Ireland use water cannons to disperse protesters

It is clearly the right time for India to sever diplomatic ties and impose economic sanctions on the UK. With France and Germany. Whatever the economic cost, we cannot deal with nations that have no respect for human rights.

(6) Israel (Jul 2020)

Israeli police use water cannons

It was just a few months ago. Israeli police used water cannons against anti-corruption protesters in Jerusalem. Can India still afford to have Israel as a technological and military partner? The moral risks are enormous.

(7) Netherlands (June 2020)

According to Euronews, Dutch police used water cannons in June this year. (Warning: graphic images)

The Netherlands

And the wave of fascism in Europe is rising even more. Is there still a regime in Europe which is not at “war” with its citizens?

(8) Belgium (Nov 2018)

Unfortunately not. According to the New York Times, Belgian police used tear gas and water cannons on protesters in November 2018.

Water cannons used by Belgian police against demonstrators

It now seems that we must sever diplomatic relations and impose economic sanctions on the whole of Europe.

(9) Brazil (November 2016)

According to German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Brazil used tear gas and water cannons on protesters in November 2016.

Brazilian police use water cannons against protesters

Hearing “Brazil” many people think of football, beaches, parties and entertainment. But few people know that Brazil is a fascist police state.

So what are India’s options now that we have a moral obligation to cut ties with all of Europe and most of South America? I suggest that India ask the UN for a complete ban on the use of water cannons, modeled on the current ban on biological and chemical weapons.

In fact, what is preventing water from being listed as a biological weapon or a chemical weapon? Almost all living organisms contain water. And water is definitely a chemical. Water is a compound made up of hydrogen (a flammable and explosive gas) as well as oxygen (which is a part of all fires). This is because the chemical name for water is dihydrogen monoxide or DHMO. It sounds terrifying.

Take a stand against the water cannons. Or, as we should rightly call them, DHMO weapons. We owe it to all of humanity.


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