“We come in with our lawyers”: Trump admits intention to challenge election result as polls close


Donald Trump has admitted that he plans to challenge the election results as soon as the polls close, according to a report.

The president revealed to reporters his legal plan to win the election before attending a campaign rally in North Carolina.

Mr Trump admitted that he had lawyers on hand and that they would challenge the counting of the ballots after November 3.

“I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait long after the election,” he said.

“We go there at night – as soon as the elections are over – we go in with our lawyers.

“If people wanted to get their ballots, they should have done it long before.

“They don’t have to cast their ballots the same day, they could have cast them a month ago. We think this is a ridiculous decision.

The president called it “a terrible thing” that ballots were legally counted after election day.

Mr. Trump told reporters his campaign was “going well everywhere” and that he was in both Ohio and North Carolina.

And he called a report claiming a victory early on election night “bogus”.


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