Watch Harry Winks score an incredible 56-yard goal, his first Spurs strike in two years … before admitting it was a fluke


HARRY WINKS scored his first goal in over two years with a 56-yard stunner – before admitting it was a fluke.

The Spurs midfielder picked up the ball from the sideline, not far from Ludogorets’ half of the field before locking it perfectly on goalkeeper Dejan Iliev, who was out of his line.


It shows how far off target Winks was
The midfielder aimed, but did he intend to strike on goal?

He nestled beautifully in the upper right corner, leaving the Bulgarians and most of his own teammates in awe.

Vinicius had already scored twice to place Jose Mourinho’s side firmly in command of the Europa League clash, Lucas Moura adding another later in a 4-0 victory.

Winks was praised by his laughing teammates after his first goal since a header against Fulham in January 2019.

And immediately the question on everyone’s lips was “did he mean it?”

Spurs icon Glenn Hoddle, who commented on BT Sport, admitted he had stayed ‘hoping’ that Winks had, insisting: “I think he took a look here.

“He’s got a little time, and bang, I think he’s gone for that.”

But, after a full time, Winks burst that bubble, admitted he had DO NOT meant scoring… and was more about playing a long ball to Bale.

He said, “I would love to say I meant it… but I have to be honest, no I didn’t.

The Ludogorets goalkeeper was beaten all over5
The Ludogorets goalkeeper was beaten all over
Harry Winks finished his sterile goal run in unreal style


Harry Winks finished his sterile goal run in unreal styleCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
The winks could barely believe it himself as he took the congratulations


The winks could barely believe it himself as he took the congratulationsCredit: Reuters

“I saw Gaz [Bale] do this run and i just hit it.

“But I’ll take it, it’s a goal at the end of the day, and I’m really happy to be on the scoresheet. ”

After Winks’ honest admission, specialist Peter Crouch took his hat off to England’s ace.

Former Spurs striker Crouch said: “Fair play against Harry Winks. I have known players who would have claimed this without a doubt.

“It was the way he looked up and spotted Gareth Bale’s run. He was obviously looking for this but it looked amazing. ”

But boss Jose Mourinho was less impressed, joking: “He’s too honest. I’m not happy with him.

“With a lens like that, you have to say you meant it, but a good kid.” He is honest.

Winks, who has struggled for minutes under Mourinho this season, went on to say the goal gave him a big mental boost.

He continued: “It’s good to regain my confidence, to score, to play well and to win the game, it’s always a positive and pleasant feeling.

“It’s difficult, it’s very difficult. But all I can do when I get such opportunities is play well, score.

“I’m happy with the way I play. ”

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