Washington braces for trouble as Trump loyalists arrive to cheer up provocative president


Washington is bracing for a big pro-Trump protest later today, as the President continues to defy calls to concede 2020 election.Organizers optimistically call it the Million MAGA Walk (MAGA, of course, is an acronym for Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”).Needless to say, there won’t be a million people in the march today. But there can be a few thousand and that is enough to cause problems.

Yesterday we saw several of these pro-Trump activists tear up BLM posters attached to the security fence surrounding the White House.Many Trump supporters descending on Washington have peaceful intentions, wishing to protest what they see as a stolen election. They have that First Amendment right, of course, even if their premise is misplaced. There is no evidence of mass fraud in this election.

But a few are white supremacists and provocateurs who seek to incite BLM activists and far-left forces to fight. They believe that violence and chaos will allow Trump to regain political leadership after his loss to Joe Biden.To add spice, the president suggested he would step out of his lonely bunker and sulk for a week to greet his supporters.

Despite all the noise and distraction from this protest, there is nothing Trump can do to stop Joe Biden’s rise to the presidency on January 20.The certification process is well underway. U.S. networks have now placed Arizona and Georgia in Joe Biden’s column, giving him a clear majority of constituency votes. Trump’s legal challenges are going nowhere.Despite this, Trump continues to promote savage conspiracy theories. The last weird thing is that a company that produced the election tally software, Dominion, was manipulated by Democrats into giving Biden the victory.

There is a sense of hopelessness around the White House. The Trump family are said to be divided over whether the president should fight or admit defeat.There are rumors that Trump intends to sign a $ 100 million book and television deal to cover his legal fees after the presidency.The most explosive political speculation is that Trump is already considering entering the presidential race of 2024.So if you think his loss to Joe Biden last week pulled Trump off the political map and allowed America to catch its breath, think again.Trump’s drama could have years to go.


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