Viral photo appearing to show Quebecers rejecting COVID rules was previously used in the United States


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“Keven Bilodeau” took to social media in Quebec on Sunday after a Facebook user of the name posted a photo of a large, unmasked rally with a caption mocking the provincial government and Dr. Horacio Arruda.

“A beautiful family with good values,” a Twitter user commented.

Another Posted a reminder “we are all six degrees of separation from a Keven Bilodeau.”

There’s just one problem with all this talk: The rally does not appear to have taken place in Quebec.

A day before the photo appeared on Bilodeau’s Facebook page, it was used on the Instagram page of a California named Sheri Schmitz.

“These for you Gavin Newsom !!! Read the text above, referring to the Governor of California.

This text is missing from Bilodeau’s image, but part of the white band on which it was written is still visible.

Private gatherings with dozens of people, like the one shown in the viral photo, are currently not allowed in Quebec and will still be excluded during the four-day festive period when the rules will be relaxed slightly.

Bilodeau’s message arrives the same weekend that Quebec police had to issue 34 tickets during an anti-mask demonstration.

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