[VIDEO] “The Masked Singer” Recap: Season 4, Episode 8


A bit of a sssssssurprise on this week The masked singer: Two performers were sent packing at the end of the episode in a double elimination.

Sadly, the sweet sound of Serpent and the sweet lyricism of Whatchamacallit won’t be with us as Season 4 continues its march towards the finale. But who was under all those snakeheads and shag rugs? Read on for a recap of the Group B finals.

HIPPOCAMPE | If Seahorse is what I think she is, now she’s just trolling us. Otherwise, why would she shoot in this perfect version of Britney Spears’ “… Baby One More Time” if not to remind us of her impression of death on the pop diva? Continuing on last week’s theme, this episode asked friends and family of the contestants for clues. So, Seahorse’s “Spirit Advisor” appeared in a set of clues that included: two dolls, Nashville-style fried chicken, a campfire, and a Christmas wreath. This week’s extra gadget mapped out a costume from the previous season in association with each current artist, with the caveat that the two are somehow linked. Seahorse’s was the Astronaut in Season 3 (aka country singer Hunter Hayes), and his clue was, “Seahorse was never in a girl group.” (Guess: singer Tori Kelly.)

CROCODILE | Croc’s friend, a “celebrity interviewer” mentioned how much he and the pink reptile love globetrot. “We’ve been around the world together,” he says. “We once traveled to six continents in 100 hours.” Crocodile performed a clean version of Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love” which was really cool, right down to the falsetto at the end. Link from the previous season of Crocodile: Bee (aka R&B singer Gladys Knight), who revealed that “Croc was in a huge cult movie. (Guess: Nick Carter, Backstreet Boy.)

WHAT CHAMACALLIT | There didn’t seem to be much to do, in terms of clues, when the teacher / mentor at Whatchamacallit High School opened up about his teenage years. But visual aids included: a coffee maker, crown, Smarties candy, ping-pong table and a member of the British Queen’s Guard. Whatcha rapped “Lean Back” by Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe and Remy Ma and did their usual good job. His link from the previous season: Ice Cream (aka YouTuber Ninja), who revealed that “Whatcha has already won a championship. (I guess: former National Football League player Michael Sam.)

SERPENT | The big snake college roommate mentioned how “Fame found him” and “It was like God flipped the switch.” Other clues in the video included: Good Mayo and Good Peanut Butter, an ambulance and a scrub bucket with gloves. He performed “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers and had a velvety and beautiful sound. His link from the previous season: Eagle (aka talk show host Dr. Drew Pinksy), who revealed that “Serpent sang with one of the [the judges] before. “


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