Video shows unauthorized man with flamethrower on top of New York bus – World News


A rapper who said he was paying homage to a legendary New York hip-hop group was recorded shooting a flamethrower from the top of a busy city bus in an unauthorized stunt that a porter- word of a transport agency described it as “absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid.” ”

The witness video, taken in Brooklyn earlier this month, gained attention on social media Tuesday after a police union tweeted it as an example of the city becoming less safe. The police department said it was investigating the Nov. 8 incident.

The city’s transit agency said it was an unauthorized event performed by rapper Dupree GOD, who said in an Instagram post that he was shooting a video in tribute to Wu-Tang Clan, the famous New York hip-hop group.

Dupree, who also calls himself the GOD of Flame, posted drone footage of the effort. In a previous Instagram post, he invited people to the area for ice cream, t-shirts and champagne. A message requesting comment has been left for Dupree.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said 25 passengers from the bus were unloaded at the next stop and picked up by the next bus on the route. No injuries were reported.

“We don’t even need to say how absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid it was,” MTA spokesman Tim Minton said. “The reckless individual who set fire to above a busy bus put the lives of New Yorkers, including the bus operator, in mortal danger.”


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