Vending machines that dispense masks and hand sanitizer will be installed at 10 TTC stations this week


From this week, PPE vending machines will be installed in some TTC stations in the city.

In a press release this week, the transit agency confirmed that 11 machines will be installed at 10 of the TTC’s busiest stations, including Queen Station, Union Station and Kennedy Station.

“This summer, the TTC began researching on-station PPE vending machines as an additional way to further facilitate TTC customers’ access to masks and other hygienic supplies,” TTC said in the press release. .

Cyclists will be able to purchase a number of items, including single and multi-use masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes.

Cash and cashless payment options will be available.

“As the global pandemic continues, we know more than ever that we are all in the same boat,” TTC CEO Rick Leary said in a written statement.

“Safety is a core value at TTC and we want to make sure our customers feel safe on all of our vehicles and at our stations. We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve safety and give our customers choices. These vending machines are just another way to go. ”

The TTC also continues to distribute free masks and disinfectant in certain trams and in several metro stations.

The city put mantatory masks on the TTC in early July.


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