US Presidential Election & Covid-19 Updates: Trump, Biden, Transition, Results, Cases, Breaking News


Summary of the news:

Electoral College Votes (270 needed to win)

Joe Biden: 306
Donald Trump: 232

US cases of covid-19: 13,1 millions

Deaths from covid-19 in the United States: 264 859 (Source: JHU)

– New stay at home order imposed in Los Angeles County as cases continue to rise

– Litigator for electoral fraud sues Trump for $ 2.5 million after another defeat in Pennsylvania

– Trump says covid-19 vaccine the distribution is imminent: “literally it will start next week and the week after”.

Last days in power could see unprecedented Trump activity

– Furious Trump tells WH reporters: ” Don’t talk to me that way, I’m the President of the United States »

– Grand Denver forced to apologize for flying on Thanksgiving after telling people to “avoid traveling”

– Biden’s Thanksgiving Message: “The Little Act of staying home is a gift to our American compatriots ”

– Trump must use the military to distribute the vaccine, starting next week”

More than 2,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States on Tuesday and Wednesday

– Lawyer Sidney Powell files complaint against electoral integrity in Georgia

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