UK Scalper Group claims to have hung 3,500 PS5 consoles


Stock PS5 is almost impossible to find at the moment, and the consoles sell for over £ 1,000 / $ 1,500 on eBay – well above Sony’s recommended retail price. Now, an interview with Business Insider has shed light on the sordid reseller market, with a UK group claiming its members have purchased 3,500 systems to date.

So how does it work? Well, the organization sells subscriptions to budding resellers and then gives them access to a variety of different services that help them find highly sought after products. It ranges from bots, yes, to insight and advice. The idea is that once purchased, these items can be resold at a profit.

Part of the group’s goal is to determine what is in demand; apparently the spas were huge at one point during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the big tech product is the PS5 and, of course, with resellers scooping up all the readily available stock, demand is increasing, further adding to the pockets of scalpers.

It remains to be seen exactly what can be done here. There are bots to bypass line wait times, avoid queues, and complete transactions faster than the average person could. However, the group claims that many of its members actually buy the consoles manually, which means they do this professionally as a job. The only way to beat them is to match them.

Sadly, that’s not realistic for the average person who just wants to have a console to enjoy Christmas. Sony recently admitted that it is sold on every PS5 it makes, and it’s unclear when it will be able to meet demand. Unfortunately, we could be in a situation where Stock PS5 is limited in 2021.


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