UK Coronavirus LIVE: Latest on pandemic as Remembrance Sunday services cut across country


LEssential services took place across the UK on Remembrance Sunday as the coronavirus pandemic forced commemorations to be cut.

The annual service at the London Cenotaph was taking place, with the ceremony taking place outside and guests having to observe social distancing.

It came after Boris Johnson gave up on providing free meals to underprivileged children over the Christmas holidays – in a victory for Marcus Rashford’s campaign for extra support.

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Veterans remained silent at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to pay their respects to the fallen

Reverend Vic Van Den Bergh, Honorary Arboretum Chaplain, addressed around 200 people paying homage “to those whose memory we cherish and to those whose names we will never know”.

He said: “There is a clear parallel between past conflicts and today’s pandemic.

“In both cases, we find those who serve, who put their lives at risk for others, and those who try to stay safe in their homes while doing their part.

“The parallel continues, for all conflicts take their lives, military and civilian in armed conflicts and in the situation that awaits us; NHS, nursing home staff, caregivers and more.

“When we find ourselves in conflict and in contact with the enemy, we are confident that those to our left and right will act to protect us.

“May we strive to protect those around us in this time of contagion and risk.”


Britain honors with reduced Remembrance Sunday service at Whitehall Cenotaph

A limited number of dignitaries paid tribute to this year’s reduced Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall.


Big Ben’s first eleven shot marked the start of the two-minute silence

A military cannon was fired to mark the end of the silent tribute, which was seen at war memorials across the country and the Last Post was sounded by bugles from the Royal Marines.

The first crown was laid by the Prince of Wales on behalf of the Queen, followed by Captain James Boughey, who laid a crown on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh, who has stepped down from his public royal duties.

Charles then left his own floral tribute and was attended by the Duke of Cambridge, the Earl of Wessex and the Princess Royal.

( Queen Elizabeth II during Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph / Pennsylvania )

Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street ahead of Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph

Home Secretary Priti Patel Rishi Sunak and former Prime Minister David Cameron were also seen arriving at Whitehall.

( Pennsylvania )

Whitehall fills up with detachments from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force

Massed groups from the Guards and Pipes and Drums Division performed a selection of music.

The Covid-19 restrictions have meant that the number of veterans and service members attending the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the cenotaph has been drastically reduced, while the public is not allowed to attend.

( Veterans line up for a national remembrance service at the Westminste Cenotaph / REUTERS )

Theresa May and Sir Keir Starmer arrive in Whitehall for low-key memorial service

The former Prime Minister and Labor leader were seen arriving in Downing Street, ahead of the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph, in Whitehall, London.

( Pennsylvania )

Dominic Raab refuses to say that the government has given up on extending free school meals

When asked if Marcus Rashford got another government turn on his free school meals campaign on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he said: ‘Oh look, I think Marcus Rashford really showed his heart. and his soul besides being an incredible football. player.

“I think he’s established himself as a great character. He had a conversation with the Prime Minister yesterday and we pay tribute to him for sharing his experience and concerns on this matter.

“I think the point we’ve made all the time, all of us – I don’t think there’s any real difference here, even in the debate – we all want to deal with the most vulnerable, the question is the best way to do it. “


Welsh Prime Minister said the country will not revert to a ‘patchwork’ of local measures and instead have a national set of rules that are easier to follow

In the event of local outbreaks, Mark Drakeford told Ridge on Sky that local restrictions would be more targeted to find the cause of cases, such as a factory outbreak.

He said: “We will not go back and rely on a patchwork of local measures, we are going to have a new set of national rules that are clearer, simpler and therefore easier to follow.

“This does not mean, of course, that if there are local outbreaks, local action may not be necessary but it will not depend on entirely local measures.”

He added, “If there are local restrictions, we will target them because of the numbers.

“Merthyr is the smallest borough in all of Wales, relatively low raw numbers mean quite high percentages and rates.

“If in Merthyr there are specific reasons, for example we had a factory in Merthyr where there was an epidemic, which we will do instead of taking county-wide action, we will try to think of things more targeted than we can do to tackle any cause of local outbreaks. “


Mark Drakeford says he thinks there is ‘a way to Christmas’ without having to resume firewall restrictions in Wales

He told Ridge on Sky that it depends on how people behave in the weeks following when the firewall ends on Monday.

He said: ‘I have told the people of Wales that the question we need to ask ourselves is not what can I do, how far can I stretch the rules, but what should I do, what should i do to keep myself and other people safe? “

He added: “If we avoid contact with other people and only travel when we need to, work from home wherever we can, we will build on what has been accomplished here. in the past 17 days.

“It will give us a path until Christmas without needing to go back into this extraordinary time of restriction.”


Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said the rise in the number of infections in parts of Wales during the firewall lockdown was ‘inevitable’

He continued, “People who fell ill during the two-week fire break period were already contagious before the fire break period started.

“We were absolutely certain that we were going to see these numbers continue to rise during the firewall period itself.

“It is only in the two weeks following November 9 that we will see the impact of the firewall, which is when we hope to see the number decrease, which is when we expect the number of people going to hospitals will begin to enter. reverse. ”


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