UK Coronavirus Live: Keir Starmer Tells Self-isolating Boris Johnson To Make Process Affordable For Others | Politics


Ian Blackford, SNP leader in Westminster, lists a series of policies imposed on Scotland over the past 20 years. And it lists a series of popular Scottish government policies. Does the Prime Minister understand why people think Johnson is the real disaster?Johnson says he mentioned it earlier. According to him, the SNP should focus on “the real priorities of the Scottish people”. He says that when he ran a decentralized administration, that is what he did. He did not focus on constitutional issues, he said.

Blackford Said Johnson’s comment wasn’t just a tongue-twist, it was a shift of the Tory mask. The Conservative Power Grab Bill (the Home Market Bill) proves it, he says. He says another 20 years of Westminster government would be a disaster for Scotland.

Johnson said he couldn’t disagree with Blackford more. What the UK is doing collectively is good, much better than what it could do as an individual country. He cites examples like the leave program and business support during Covid. The UK has shown its value and will continue to show its value.

He says the SNP would bring Scotland back into the EU, which would be a massive surrender of power, he says.


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