UK Coronavirus LIVE: Christmas bubble plan seen as Boris Johnson ready for virtual PMQs


The brief easing of coronavirus measures could last four or five days, starting December 24. However, households across the country would face a ban on mixing when the lockdown ends, in a bid to allow for increased social interaction over Christmas.

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The true number of coronavirus cases in the world could be six times higher

In some countries – including the UK, Italy, France and Belgium – the number of reported cases was less than 10% of the actual number, according to the research.


One in five black cabs in London have been taken off the road since June

One in five black cabs in London have been pulled off the road since June as drivers struggle to make a living during the coronavirus pandemic, research shows.

The number of taxis allowed in the capital rose from 18,900 on June 7 to 15,000 on November 8, according to data from Transport for London (TfL).

Black taxi rental companies have been forced to rent out fields and farmland scattered around the city’s outskirts to store vehicles returned by drivers in recent months.

The Association of Licensed Taxi Drivers (LTDA) estimates that only 20% of taxi drivers still drive their vehicles.

General Secretary Steve McNamara said they were earning “starvation wages” about a quarter of normal levels.

Drivers “do desperate things” like selling their taxis at a price well below market value to “get through the next few months,” he added.


Some taxi drivers “fell between the holes”

The pandemic has been a “complete and utter nightmare” for taxi drivers who “have fallen through the loopholes” of the Treasury leave program, said LTDA Secretary General Steve McNamara.

These include those who have recently bought a new £ 65,000 electric taxi or who are receiving a small pension from a previous job.

Many have received “no income at all” since March, McNamara said.

“We are now in a position where London could lose this icon,” he said. “We are a very viable business. We are an integral part of this city’s DNA.

“We need a specific package for taxi drivers in London just to help us get over that. “

London taxi driver Andy Biggs, 63, said demand had ‘evaporated’ and he was lucky he had three customers a day.

“When we first came back after the initial lockdown, things started to improve a bit very slowly,” he said. “But now he’s as dead as ever. “


West End executives call for later store openings

Drastic action needed to persuade buyers to return in large numbers after December 2


South Australia declares six-day lockdown

South Australia declared a six-day lockdown on Wednesday to stamp out what the Prime Minister has described as a highly contagious outbreak of coronavirus disease that officials have linked to a returning traveler from the UK .

Most businesses will close, with the exception of some grocery stores, and people will be largely housebound as the state tries to avoid a more serious escape like the one that virtually shut down neighboring Victoria for more than 100 days.

“We need this circuit breaker, this community break,” South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall told media on Wednesday.

“We’re going hard and we’re going early. Time is running out and we need to act quickly and decisively. “

The southern state, which is home to just under 1.8 million people, reported two new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total to 22. The cluster began to emerge over the weekend, showing the first serious signs community transmission in South Australia since mid-April.

While the number of cases remains modest, Marshall said the state must act quickly because the identified strain of virus was “highly contagious with a short incubation period and limited symptoms.”

Authorities said on Wednesday that a hotel cleaner contracted the virus from a quarantined returning traveler from the UK. The housekeeper then spread the virus to her extended family in Adelaide, the state capital.

It took 24 hours or less for a newly infected person to become contagious to others, authorities said.


“Too early to know if restrictions can be relaxed around Christmas,” says business secretary Alok Sharma

Business Secretary Alok Sharma said it was “too early” to know if social distancing restrictions could be relaxed around Christmas.

Asked about reports that the measures could be relaxed for five days, he told BBC Breakfast: ‘I want to have my mom and dad around me, I want to have my family around this Christmas table.

“I just think it’s too early to draw any conclusions about this. What none of us know at the moment is what the infection rate will be in different parts of the country. “


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