U.S. Election Day 2020: Voters Go to the Polls to Elect the Next President – Live Updates | American News


Trump has sought to respond to his base with attacks on media figures and his political opponents. He portrayed Biden as mentally incapable of handling the presidency and claimed the former vice president would set up a “state of prison” to control the coronavirus pandemic if elected.Biden, meanwhile, tried to appeal to a wider range of Americans as he pledged to unite the country. The Democratic candidate focused on the pandemic, attacking Trump’s response and promising to listen to the advice of scientists. Biden called Trump a divider, dangerous and unfit for the Oval Office.

Their events contrasted sharply but reflected the respective campaigns led by the two men.

Trump has rallied thousands of supporters despite the coronavirus pandemic, while Biden has opted for drive-in events to allow for distancing. Trump spoke for hours in front of crowds of supporters, often straying from prepared remarks, while Biden gave more scripted and pointed speeches focused on the virus and his plans for the economy.


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