Two other House members announce they have Covid-19


Rep. Bryan Steil, a Republican from Wisconsin, and Rep. Joe Courtney, a Democrat from Connecticut, separately announced that they have contracted the virus and are isolating themselves accordingly.

“After working in Washington, DC all last week, I started having mild symptoms this weekend and contacted my health care provider while I was home in Janesville,” Steil wrote in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“I took a COVID-19 test today and the results came back positive. As per CDC guidelines, I am immediately in quarantine and will continue to serve residents of Southeastern Wisconsin from my home in Janesville. ”

Courtney, meanwhile, said in a statement he learned last week that he had been inadvertently exposed to someone who later tested positive for Covid-19. After “following the strict isolation guidelines set by the CDC,” her first test came back negative, but a second test came back positive Sunday night.

“I have a lot of confidence in my GP and my team – our work for eastern Connecticut will continue as always, and I will continue to perform my duties safely and remotely while being isolated at home,” Courtney told me.

The experience, he added, “reinforces my deep conviction that right now we must do our part to help our communities by listening to CDC experts – we must remain vigilant about wearing masks, social distancing and essentials like washing your hands frequently. ”

More and more lawmakers from both parties and chambers of Congress have announced they have tested positive with Covid-19 amid rising cases in the country. The House began offering the Covid-19 test to members earlier this month, eight months after the start of the pandemic.

It comes as more than 3 million new cases were reported between November 1 and November 22, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This represents about a quarter of all U.S. cases since the start of this pandemic.

Steil and Courtney were each re-elected this month with almost 60% of the respective votes.

This story has been updated to include Representative Joe Courtney’s Covid-19 diagnosis.


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