Two dozen entrepreneurs launch new food delivery service in Calgary


CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The popularity of home food delivery has skyrocketed during the pandemic, but most of it is through large grocery chains or using big apps like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes.Today, a group of local businesses have come together to do it their own way.

“We are the premier owner-managed food delivery service in Calgary.”

Janine Norman of Alpine Meats said she launched the website, using her own in-house delivery contractor.

She says it saves customers time and money.

“Because what was happening, we are noticing, is that a lot of our customers are shared customers. So they could buy me something, they could buy something from Cherry Pit, they could buy something from Pie Cloud, they could buy something from Richmond Hill Wines, and there was a delivery charge with all of these things.

“So our shared customers were paying, two, three, four times more. That way, they get it for $ 10 and access all of us, at the same time, for the same amount of money. ”

Norman adds that it was a case of survival for the two dozen entrepreneurs in the collective. They were losing money using most of the traditional, reputable delivery services, and foot traffic virtually dried up.

“You know, we started off as a simple group of small businesses trying to keep their businesses afloat, but we’re already talking to three groups across the country, who are already inspired by our vision, and they want to take their first steps towards autonomy, just like us. It’s all about self-determination and empowering small businesses. We know their pain and they are going through the same thing across the country. We’re just the first to walk out the door to start something self-directed. ”

For now, they only ship to Calgary, but it may not be long before grows further.


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