Tweets on SNL preparing for tonight’s post-election show


* Rewrote tonight’s entire episode of SNL. *

The presidential race has just been called for Joe Biden – however, even before the election was called, I was really curious what political skits Saturday Night Live would have after such a possible election week.

Now, with the results coming this Saturday morning, people are pretty curious about SNL could be up to ~ this very moment ~ in order to get ready for tonight’s show – which features Dave Chappelle as host and the Foo Fighters as musical guest – with just HOURS to make final adjustments. minute.

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Because there will be a LOT to talk about.

So here are some of the funniest tweets on SNL preparing for tonight’s show – because I can only imagine the utter chaos it could be in the writers’ room right now.


no but how is snl going to handle this 12 hours before airtime i would kill to be in the writers room right now

No matter what happens, the anticipation of tonight’s episode, especially with an iconic comedian like Dave Chappelle – who hosted SNL four years ago for the 2016 post-election spectacle – is certainly real:

Dear SNL writers, delete all your scripts. All. You have Dave Chappelle as host for tonight. Just give him the mic. Unrepeated content. That’s all.

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