Turkish ultra-nationalist gray wolves to be officially banned in France today – Public Radio of Armenia


Turkish ultra-nationalist gray wolves will be officially banned in France today, French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacôte told Armenian human rights defender Arman Tatoryan today.

During the meeting, the Ombudsman presented evidence of the atrocities and cruel treatment inflicted by the Azerbaijani armed forces on civilians, including the use of prohibited cluster munitions and weapons containing chemical elements against civilians. , the use of firearms and the massive destruction of civilian infrastructure.

“I expressed my condolences to the French people for the terrorist attack on Notre-Dame Cathedral in Nice and expressed my concern to the Ambassador in relation to the recent actions in France based on hatred against ethnic Armenians, putting focus on protecting the security and rights of Armenians, ”Arman Tatoyan said in a Facebook post.

The French Ambassador to Armenia strongly condemned the cases of vandalism and attacks against French citizens of Armenian origin and Armenian citizens and informed the defender that the French Council of Ministers had decided to ban the nationalist organization Turkish Gray Wolves (“Bozkurt”) in France, due to the latter’s ultra-nationalist activities and recent attacks against Armenians.

“It is a known fact that during the war of April 2016, as well as today, torture, atrocities and cruel treatment are perpetrated by members of the Turkish nationalist organization of gray wolves within the armed forces. Azerbaijani, or are carried out using their methods, ”said the Ombudsman.

The decision to ban the group comes after an Armenian genocide memorial near Lyon was degraded by pro-Turkish slogans.

The Gray Wolves, an international organization, are considered allies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The memorial was covered in yellow graffiti that included Mr Erdogan’s initials.

The ban will mean that any activity or meeting of the group could result in fines or jail time, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said.


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