Tuesday insider report: CEO cashes over $ 7 million from this large-cap dividend stock


Below are companies that have recently been the subject of public market insider trading activity through their direct and indirect holdings, including accounts they control or control.

The list shows insider trading; it does not pass on full ownership information because an insider can have many accounts.

Keep in mind that when you look at insider trading activities, buying activity may reflect the perceived value of a security. Selling activity may or may not be linked to the valuation of a stock; maybe an insider needs to fundraise for personal reasons. The total holdings of an insider should be taken into account because a sale may in context be insignificant if that person has a significant remaining position in the business. I tend to place a lot of importance on insider trading when I see multiple insiders trading shares or units of a company.

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Below is a title where recent buying activity has been reported by an insider.

Badger Daylighting Ltd. (BAD-T)

On November 12, director Glen Roane invested more than $ 352,000 in Badger stock. He bought 10,000 shares at a cost per share of $ 35,249, which brought that account’s position to 58,400 shares.


Below are three titles that have been the subject of recent insider reported selling activity.

Alamos Gold Inc. (AGI-T)

On November 5, COO Peter MacPhail exercised his options, receiving 20,000 shares at a cost per share of $ 6.56 and sold 20,000 shares at a price per share of $ 13,015. The net proceeds totaled over $ 129,000, not including the associated transaction costs.

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That day, Greg Fisher, vice president of finance, exercised his options, receiving 5,000 shares at a cost per share of $ 6.56 and sold 5,000 shares at a price per share of $ 13.05. Net proceeds exceeded $ 32,000, not including associated transaction costs.

First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (FM-T)

On November 6, Zenon Wozniak, Director of Projects, sold 18,284 shares at a price per share of $ 15.50, reducing the position of that particular account to 36,881 shares. Proceeds from the sale totaled over $ 282,000.

Magna International Inc. (MG-T)

On November 11, CEO Don Walker sold 100,000 shares at a price per share of $ 78.83, reducing the holdings of this specific account to 1,116,605 shares. Proceeds from the sale exceeded $ 7.8 million, not including trading fees.

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