Tua Time rolls Miami


The departure of Tua Tagovailoa re-energized the Miami attack.

Tua Tagovailoa’s start has reinvigorated the Miami offensive.
Image: (Getty Images)

The Week 10 clash between the Fins and the Chargers was highlighted by the confrontation of the two rookie quarterbacks.

Tua Tagovailoa got the better of peer Justin Herbert that day as Tagovailoa threw two touchdowns in a win that was not as close as the scoreboard indicated. Herbert (aka skinny Jack Black) didn’t play terribly in Miami, he threw more yards than Tagovailoa and completed more passes but couldn’t find a way to get his team over the hump.

Miami took the 29-21 victory.

The Chargers drop to 2-7 on the year with the loss, you could argue that this team has lost more winnable games than any team in the league this season. The Chargers appear to be folding more than origami paper at a Japanese art convention.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, appear to be re-energized by head coach Brian Flores’ decision to bring in Tagovailoa as a starter. Dolphins have looked better than your aunt’s sweet potato pie for the past three weeks. Since Tagovailoa has been in the roster, the team are 3-0 and the defense and special teams are playing extremely well.

Not to mention, Tagovailoa has also threw 0 interceptions since leaving.


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