Trump team views legal challenges as futile even as president denies defeat


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‘Show us’

So far, the legal fight has not been very successful. Several lawsuits were dismissed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan. The Supreme Court temporarily granted the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s request to say that late ballots in the state should be separated in the event that they are disqualified.

But it’s unclear how that would help Trump. He needs more ballots to win votes in Pennsylvania after Biden takes the lead.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Trump ally, said Sunday that Republicans must finally recognize Biden’s victory, but added that the president’s team took some time to accept that they had lost a “very controversial” election.

“You have the president sitting in the White House not recognizing him and I think there are a lot of Republicans trying to cope with that,” Christie told ABC News “This Week”.

“That’s why it was so important to say from the start to the president, ‘if your reason for not admitting was voter fraud, then show us,’ he said.

Senior campaign aides have indicated they will fight for as long as the President wants, even as the reality of defeat emerges.

Communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted a photo from the Washington Times covers that purportedly declared Al Gore the winner of the 2000 presidential race. These projections were retracted when George W. Bush took a narrow lead in Florida and Bush took won the presidency after the Supreme Court suspended a recount in the Sunshine State.

The Washington Times said the footage was “tampered with” and the newspaper “never made the front page of ‘President Gore’. Murtaugh later deleted his post.

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