Trump Offers Update on COVID-19, Not Election Challenges | United States and Canada


In his first public remarks in eight days, Trump still does not concede the election to Joe Biden.

United States President Donald Trump spoke publicly for the first time in eight days on Friday, offering an update on the administration’s efforts on COVID-19, but saying next to nothing about his electoral defeat to President-elect Joe Biden or his challenges regarding the results.In an address from the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump vowed that the United States “will not go to a lockdown” even as the novel coronavirus sweeps across the country.

He seemed to admit, however, that he might not be here in a few months to keep that promise.

“I will not go, this administration will not go to a lockdown,” he said. “I hope the, the – uh – whatever happens in the future – who knows what administration will be.” I guess time will tell.

Trump also said he expected emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s vaccine “very soon.”

Pfizer said it plans to release the required safety data next week and can then apply for emergency use authorization, Reuters news agency reported.

The remarks came after Trump received an update on “Operation Warp Speed,” an administration effort to speed up vaccine development.

Criticism of the administration’s response to COVID-19, which has killed more than 235,000 Americans, has become a rallying cry for Democrats ahead of the November 3 election.

U.S. networks proclaimed Biden the winner of the presidential ballot, but Trump, refusing to concede, launched a series of court challenges based on unsubstantiated fraud allegations.


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