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Pennsylvania officials will be able to certify election results showing Joe Biden’s victory in the state after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by Donald Trump’s campaign that sought to invalidate millions of postal votes.

US District Judge Matthew Brann said the Trump campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by evidence.”

It came as the president’s team demanded a recount in Georgia in the latest desperate attempt to overturn the election result, which Mr Biden won by more than six million votes.


Trump watchers obstruct Wisconsin recount, officials say

Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county have accused Donald Trump’s watchers of seeking to obstruct the state’s recount by in some cases opposing all vote tabulators pulled to assess.

County Clerk George Christenson said a constant stream of Republican complaints in Milwaukee was significantly delaying the recount, with many Trump watchers breaking the rules by interrupting the vote counters with questions and comments.

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Conrad DuncanNovember 22, 2020 9:44 AM


Trump team calls for recount of presidential vote in Georgia

Donald Trump’s campaign demanded a recount of the votes in Georgia’s presidential race, a day after state officials certified the results showing Joe Biden won the state.

Georgia’s results showed Mr Biden defeating the president by 12,670 votes out of around five million votes – a margin of victory of 0.25%.

Although county election officials have previously conducted a full manual vote recount, it is not considered an official recount under the law.

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Conrad Duncan22 November 2020 09:31


Republican senator from Pennsylvania accepts Biden victory after court ruling

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey accepted Joe Biden’s presidential victory after a state judge rejected a campaign lawsuit of Trump challenging the result.

Mr Toomey said the president had “exhausted all plausible legal options” in the state and called District Judge Matthew Brann, who dismissed the case, “a fair and impartial lawyer.”

“To ensure that he is remembered for [his] outstanding achievements, and to help unify our country, President Trump should accept the election results and facilitate the presidential transition process, ”the senator added.

Conrad DuncanNovember 22, 2020 9:23 AM


Liz Cheney says Trump should respect ‘sanctity’ of election if he can’t prove fraud allegations

Liz Cheney has become the first member of the Republican Party congressional leadership to pressure Donald Trump to concede the election amid concerns over the president’s far-fetched claims about the outcome.

In a statement, Ms. Cheney urged Mr. Trump to respect “the sanctity of our electoral process” if he cannot prove his allegations of electoral fraud in court.

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Here’s how Donald Trump reacted overnight to his latest Pennsylvania setback:

Conrad DuncanNovember 22, 2020 8:55 AM


Judge rejects Trump’s candidacy to stop certification of votes in Pennsylvania

Another attempt by Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election result failed after a judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit by his campaign that sought to invalidate millions of postal votes.

“In the United States of America, this [lawsuit] cannot justify the denial of the right to vote of just one voter, let alone all voters in its sixth most populous state, ”said US District Judge Matthew Brann.

The decision paves the way for certification of votes in the state, confirming Joe Biden’s victory.

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