Trump hits out at 60 minutes in angry tweets after interview with fired election official


Donald Trump slammed CBS News in a furious tweet Sunday night, accusing the network of broadcasting a “ridiculous and one-sided” interview with his former election security chief.

Christopher Krebs was Mr. Trump’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security chief, until the president sacked him for declaring the 2020 election “the safest in American history.”
In his first TV interview since being ousted from the White House, Mr Krebs told the 60 Minutes program that he stands by his assertion and defends his record as cybersecurity chief. “We did a good job. We did it well. I would do it a thousand times, ”he says.
The president criticized the news channel after the interview aired, accusing CBS of not reaching out to the Trump campaign to comment on Mr. Krebs’ remarks.
Mr. Trump said election security was an “international joke”.
“Our 2020 election, from poorly rated Dominion to a country FLOODED with unaccounted mail ballots, was probably the least secure of them all!” he tweeted.
Twitter almost immediately reported the post, saying that “this allegation of voter fraud is disputed,” as has been the case with many of its tweets since the November 3 election.
Along with the 60-minute interview, Mr Krebs posted a series of tweets on Sunday, in which he again denied allegations of widespread voter fraud. Mr Krebs wrote that ballot “dumps”, as some Republicans claim, have not occurred and that results have been consistent across several states despite recounts and audits.
The president sacked Krebs last month, announcing he would be “fired” from his post in the Department of Homeland Security because his statements about the election were “grossly inaccurate.”
Refusing to concede, Mr Trump has taken legal action to challenge the results in several swing states, as he tries to overturn election results which are strongly in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. It has not yet achieved success and many cases have been dismissed by the courts.


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