Trump can accept a loss he won’t recognize


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump still won’t come to terms with conceding the election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden. But he now recognizes that he will leave the White House if Biden’s victory is confirmed by the Electoral College, which is firmly on track to do so in a few weeks.

“I definitely will,” he said on Thursday when asked if he was going to leave the scene after voters formalized Biden’s victory. “But you know that.”

Trump, who answered reporters’ questions for the first time since the election, sparked another round of complaints about the vote and theatrical warnings that “a lot of things” will happen ahead of the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 14 and that could possibly change the results. But while it creates uncertainty about how it will perform in the weeks to come, there is no real suspense over the outcome.

All states must certify their results before the Electoral College meeting and any disputes must be resolved by December 8.

Nothing stands in the way of Biden taking office on January 20 with a clear margin of electoral votes.

No concessions are needed from Trump for Biden to become president, none have been offered, and Trump may never admit that he was just and outright beaten. But there were some signs that Trump was accepting his loss.

At one point, he expressed fear that Biden would get the glory of the pending coronavirus vaccines. “Don’t let him take the credit for the vaccines,” Trump said, “because the vaccines were me, and I pushed people harder than ever before.

The fact that a sitting US president even had to question whether or not he would step down after losing re-election shows just how much Trump has broken convention after convention in the past three weeks.

Certifying votes at the local and state levels is generally a ministerial task that receives little notice, but which has changed with Trump’s fierce but unsuccessful legal challenges and attempts to manipulate the certification process in the states of the United States. battlefield he lost.

No evidence has emerged of the widespread electoral fraud that Trump and his legal team have repeatedly alleged, only to be slapped by judges and state election officials.

Trump spoke to reporters in the White House’s lavish diplomatic reception hall after hosting a teleconference with U.S. military leaders stationed around the world. He thanked them for their service, joked that they shouldn’t eat too much turkey, then turned to the election after ending the call. He reiterated his grievances and angrily denounced officials in Georgia and Pennsylvania, two key states that helped give Biden victory.

The Trump administration has already given the green light for a formal transition to begin. Still, Trump took issue with Biden moving forward.

“I think it’s not fair that he’s trying to pick a cabinet,” Trump said, although the heads of both teams are already working together to bring Biden’s team up to speed.

When asked if he would attend the inauguration, Trump said he knew the answer but didn’t want to say it.

He said he would travel to Georgia to rally supporters ahead of two Senate second-round elections that will determine which party controls the Senate. The White House said the rally was scheduled for December 5.

One of the reasons Republicans backed Trump and his baseless allegations of fraud was to keep his loyal base under pressure for these Jan. 5 breakups. But Trump, in his remarks, openly questioned whether this election would be fair, casting suspicions that could dampen Republican participation.

“I think you are dealing with a very fraudulent system,” he said. “I am very worried about this.” He said: “People are very disappointed that we were robbed.”

Trump has made it clear that he probably would never officially concede, even if he had said he would leave the White House.

“It will be a very difficult thing to concede,” he said. “Because we know there has been massive fraud.”

Voters “will have made a mistake” in claiming Biden’s victory, he said.



Yet “time is not on our side. “

Will it be presented again in 2024? Trump said he “didn’t want to talk about 2024 yet.”

“It has a long way to go,” Trump said, even though he lost.


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