“Truly unusual”: Fauci responds to Bannon calling for his beheading


Anthony Fauci responded to Steve Bannon by calling for his head to be “put on a pike in front of the White House”, describing the situation as “really quite unusual”, and not something he was taught to deal with at the time. ‘Medical School.

Dr Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease specialist, was asked by Australian TV about the challenges of his job and his reaction to last week’s remarks by Mr Bannon, former campaign manager for Donald Trump.

“It’s obviously very stressful. I mean, to deny that would be to deny the reality, ”Dr Fauci said. “When public figures like Bannon call for your beheading, it’s really unusual, I think.

“It’s not the sort of thing you think of when you study medicine to be a doctor”

Mr Bannon said on his podcast last week that he would like to put the heads of Dr Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray “on spades” outside the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats. Twitter deleted Mr. Bannon’s tweet promoting the podcast. Mr Bannon’s Twitter account has been suspended.

Lawyers representing Mr Bannon in his upcoming case on charges of scamming donors as part of a crowdfunding border wall campaign have left his legal team in response to his remarks.

Dr Fauci, 79, said earlier in the week that he had no plans to step down from his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – a post he has taken in 1984 – and hopes to continue his work under the leadership of Joe Biden, who will be its seventh president.

He said he kept his sanity during all of the pandemic’s political turmoil by focusing on public health priorities.

“I got over it by really focusing like a laser beam on exactly my goal,” he said.

“I am a scientist, I am a doctor. My goal is to help develop vaccines. I think we’ve been quite successful in this area. My next challenges are to develop good therapies and the other challenge is to obtain public health measures. be listened to by the American public. “

He said the controversy surrounding his job and the distractions of Mr. Trump – who called him “an idiot” – were in his mind “a trash” to ignore.

The Brooklyn-born public health expert has received a security detail following death threats.

“You know, people who ask you to be beheaded, shot, thrown in the hearth, or whatever, it’s just noise,” he added.

“You don’t care about it. “


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