Trudeau warns young people of COVID-19, saying it can ‘cost you your life’


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a strong warning about the harmful effects of COVID-19 on young people who may not take the pandemic seriously enough.On Tuesday, Trudeau said that while the new vaccine information from Moderna and Pfizer is promising, a vaccine “can only protect you after you’ve received the vaccine.”

” Therefore Until that happens we all need to double down to get this second wave under control. And I speak particularly to young people. This virus may seem more of a concern to your grandparents than it does to you, but even if you are young and healthy, catching COVID-19 can be incredibly serious. This can leave you with heart and lung problems and will cost you your life. ”

The prime minister said he is not saying this to scare people away, but that the honesty of the situation must be faced so that people fully understand the current situation.

He added that it was important to follow public health protocols, like washing hands, physically distancing yourself, wearing masks and avoiding crowds.

Cases have increased nationwide recently, with some provinces and territories in full lockdown, while others have added tightened restrictions in hot spots.

On Monday, the country surpassed 300,000 total cases since the start of the pandemic. There are 240,287 cases recovered and 11,027 deaths reported.


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