Trevor Lawrence isn’t trying to cause a stir but keeps 2021 options open


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After Saturday’s loss to Notre Dame, Clemson is more than ready to welcome Trevor Lawrence back into training. It should happen this week.

But how long will the Tigers be able to enjoy their star quarterback?

Two weeks ago Lawrence said his mindset was to turn pro after this season, but added “who knows? This created a hubbub, with everyone wondering if maybe Lawrence was setting the stage to avoid being drafted by one or more teams.

The alleged global pick No.1 made it clear Monday that it is simply leaving its options open.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my last few months here if that’s what I decide to do,” Lawrence said, via ESPN’s David Hale. “I’m just trying to enjoy it, and obviously I’m not trying to make a splash. I don’t want more people talking about me than they already are, so my thing is I’m never going to get stuck where I have to do something just because of something I said in the past.

Lawrence, a junior, is on track to graduate in December. It would be a huge surprise if he returned to Clemson in 2021, but that option is obviously on the table if he wishes.

“My state of mind is the same, but I really don’t want to talk about it anymore,” said Lawrence, who missed two games after testing positive for COVID-19. “People want me to say no matter what, for sure I quit school, and that’s not something I’m going to say. It’s as simple as that. I’m never gonna get stuck like this, but that’s what people want to hear. I want to give myself the option to take it all and make a decision and obviously I’m not going to say I’m staying or going, and it turns out that caused more commotion than if I hadn’t said anything .

The Jets are currently the only winless team in the NFL and Sam Darnold has previously answered questions about his team’s drafting of Lawrence.

In 1997, the Jets had the first overall pick. Peyton Manning was to be the first pick if he left Tennessee, but he chose to stay in school another year and went to the Colts with the first pick the following year.


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