Treats share candy with child battling cancer – world news


Children and adolescents in the neighborhood have restored a woman’s faith in humanity.

Courtney Thomas put up a sign in her yard this Halloween that said “Sorry, no candy, kid with cancer. See you next year! », Telling the children in his neighborhood that his house would not be giving out candy this year.

“The sole purpose of our putting this sign in our backyard today was to prevent the kids from running to our door and being disappointed,” Thomas said in a Facebook post.

Thomas was about to have a heartwarming surprise, as she noticed that the children had stopped at them all night. When she walked out into her yard, she noticed that the neighborhood kids had left a pile of candy for her sick child who was not able to go out and cheat this year.

“I can’t stop crying,” Thomas said. “If anyone thought there was no hope in our children and youth, you’d be wrong. ”

Thomas, who resides in Atlanta, posted a Facebook post late last night to hopefully reach out to the kids and parents of those who made his family’s Halloween so special.

“If the parents of someone who has done this see this, tell them how much it means to us and our children,” she said. “On the best candy night of the year, the kids shared freely and generously with strangers and showed so much love and kindness. ”

The Facebook post has since gone viral – it has been shared nearly 200,000 times, with 127,000 likes and over 11,000 comments.


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