Travelodge reveals bizarre requests from its Derby hotels


Requests to play a game of national cricket and arranging short-term weddings are just a few of the bizarre things staff at some Derby hotels have been asked to do. Travelodge has posted its list of the strangest, most creative, and in some cases downright unrealistic requests from people staying on its sites in the past 12 months.

The chain has three hotels in Derby – one in Derby Cricket Ground, one in Pride Park and one in Chaddesden.

A person staying at Derby Cricket Ground Travelodge requested to be picked up from the station in a Rolls-Royce.

A particularly unrealistic request was made by a guest who asked hotel staff if they could get her husband to play at a national cricket match.

However, these requests seem innocent enough compared to those made at other hotels in town.

A person at the Pride Park site asked staff if they could type their handwritten notes while attending a meeting, while two separate guests from the Chaddesden Hotel asked staff to answer their work phones and to take messages for them throughout the day.

Perhaps the most unrealistic request was made by a guest at the Pride Park hotel, who asked staff if they could arrange for them and their partner to be married at Derby Cathedral the coming weekend .

In an act of desperation, a Chaddesden Travelodge staff member was asked to step in and the best man at a wedding after the original best man was held up at work.

Meanwhile, the staff at Pride Park must have broken a person’s heart when asked if Mr Darcy’s family from Pride and Prejudice still live in Pemberley, not realizing it is a place fictitious.

Another asked how choppy a Derbyshire Fidgety pie was (a bacon, potato, onion, apple and sultana pie), while a guest asked staff if you must be a member of the royal family to use the Royal Crown Derby porcelain.

Travelodge Pride Park

Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmed said it shouldn’t come as a surprise that staff get odd requests every now and then.

“Each year we welcome millions of guests from all over the UK to our 575 hotels, including three properties in Derby,” she said.

“Throughout the year, our hotel teams receive thousands of interesting requests from business and leisure travelers.

“Where possible, our hotel teams will go above and beyond to help guests who enjoy a good challenge. Interestingly, the requests change by region, season, and this year we even got some interesting requests regarding social distancing.

“However, some requests are beyond their control, such as get someone’s husband to play a game of cricket or answer his work phone to take messages. ”

It’s not just Derby that has seen some weird requests, here is a list of those made to other Travelodges across the UK:

  • Can you keep my work phone today and receive messages?

  • Can you wake me up 45 minutes before sunrise because I need to open my chakras?

  • Can you arrange for me to walk directly on the track from the hotel so that I can take a break?

  • Can I keep 200 butterflies in your store’s cooler for my wedding tomorrow?

  • Can you move my bed on the beach so that I can hear the Irish Sea at night?

  • Can you become my PT, create a program and participate in a 10 mile run with me?

  • Where can I buy Welsh currency?

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  • Can you turn off the foghorn on the Severn Bridge because I want to take a nap?

  • Can you get my husband an honorary degree as a birthday present?

  • Can you get me a plastic donut that is one meter wide?

  • Can you build a balloon bed as a birthday surprise for my daughter’s 21st birthdayst anniversary?

  • Can you tell me a good UFO hotspot in Bonnybridge?

  • Can you climb Ben Nevis for me and have a Scottish themed picnic and take lots of pictures from the top so I can share them on Instagram?

  • Can you make a fancy dress outfit from a duvet cover because I left my outfit at home?

  • Can you get drunk if you inhale Scotch Mist?

  • Does Nessie visit Loch Lomond Aquarium?

  • Can you serenade my girlfriend for breakfast and ask her to marry me?

  • Can you sing Happy Birthday into my phone, so I can hear it when I wash my hands?

  • Can you get me a bag of Anfield dirt as a surprise for my husband?

  • Can you organize an Easter egg hunt in your hotel for my husband?

  • Can you sew Swarovski crystals onto my black tie suit for my awards ceremony?

  • Do you have a face mask that will prevent my husband from snoring?

  • Can you host my Zoom meeting calls today?

  • Can you walk my 10,000 steps in my place when I have a lot of business meetings today?

  • Can I store a 6ft unicorn ice sculpture in your freezer for my wedding?

  • Can you get my grandmother an honorary degree from the University of Oxford for her 85th birthday?e anniversary?

  • Can I have half a pillow because I find a whole pillow too big?

  • When’s the best time to see Morag in Loch Morar?

  • Can you arrange for the tide to come in at 10am because I want to see the waves hitting the bed?

  • Can you stop the seagulls from squeaking?

  • Can you put an extra bed in our room for my son Frank’s imaginary friend and greet him at check-in as well.

  • Can you add lights to my bedroom to create the Northern Lights?

  • Can you replay a scene from a Shakespeare play when we arrive to greet my husband at your hotel?

  • Can we go singing from hall to hall on Christmas Eve?

  • Can you tell my wife that we have to sleep in separate rooms due to social distance, so I can get a good night’s sleep?


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