Total of France discusses increase in oil production and investments with NOC – as Libya reaches 1.25 million bpd of production |


By Sami Zaptia.

London, November 19, 2020:

France’s Total and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) discussed increasing capacity and production rates and increasing Total’s investment in Libya in a virtual meeting yesterday, NOC reported. He also confirmed that production rates were already 1.25 million bpd.

The challenges facing the company, in particular the budgets needed to operate the sector and carry out important strategic projects to support the national economy and complete maintenance work at all of its sites, were also discussed.

Total, reports the NOC, congratulated the NOC on its ability to finally resume maintenance and production operations and achieve previous production rates despite the difficult conditions Libya is going through and the scarcity of budgets. Total has declared itself ready to provide its support and to extend the bridges of cooperation with its strategic partner, the NOC.

NOC President Mustafa Sanalla said: “The National Oil Corporation and its companies, even during the closed period at this time, have not stopped working hard and will not stop working hard, and I appreciate the considerable efforts made by the production, maintenance and project departments. , and the efforts of all employees in oil fields and sites across Libya ”

“All these steps have borne fruit thanks to the coordination with the relevant departments of all companies, and the correct and precise implementation and completion of all maintenance work carried out for surface equipment and transmission lines. crude oil, under exceptional and very difficult circumstances, which clearly explains the rapid return to previous production rates, which reached 1.25 million barrels per day, which are roughly the same rates achieved by the company and its businesses before closing.

The NOC looks forward to continuing a constructive partnership with Total so that this giant company possesses expertise and technologies that will significantly contribute to the development of the oil and energy sector in Libya ”.


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