Today’s Coronavirus News: Nunavut Closes for Two Weeks to Fight COVID-19; Berlin braces for protests against viral restrictions


The last coronavirus news from Canada and around the world on Wednesday. This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available.

5 h 13 Berlin police, reinforced by forces from across the country, cordoned off a large perimeter around the capital’s government center on Wednesday ahead of expected protests as parliament passes a bill that would strengthen the government’s ability to impose sanctions. coronavirus restrictions.

A series of protests planned outside the German parliament building in the Bundestag was banned for security reasons, but there were numerous other protests in other parts of Berlin.

Fences have been put up around a large area, including the Bundestag and neighboring parliamentary offices, the Federal Chancellery and the Presidential Residence and offices in case protesters decide to defy the ban.

A large crowd gathered on Wednesday morning in front of the Brandenburg Gate, not far from the parliament. Few wore masks or respected the recommended social distance.

A protest earlier this month in the eastern city of Leipzig ended in chaos when thousands of protesters challenged police orders to wear masks and, later, disperse. Some participants attacked police and journalists.

German lawmakers must debate and then vote on a bill that will provide the legal basis for social distancing rules, the requirement to wear masks in public stores, and the closure of stores and other places to slow the spread virus. While such measures are supported by most Germans, a vocal minority have staged regular rallies across the country arguing that the restrictions are unconstitutional.

The measures should be adopted both by the lower house and then by the upper house of parliament and be promptly signed by the German president.

Germany, which has been praised for handling the first wave of the virus, has recorded 13,000 confirmed deaths from the virus in the pandemic, a toll of a quarter of that of Britain.

5 h 11: Nunavut is shutting down for two weeks starting today in an attempt to bring cases of COVID-19 under control.

All non-essential schools and businesses are closed, as are libraries, fitness centers, government offices and personal services.

Health centers are closed except in emergencies and the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit does not accept walk-in visits.

Gatherings are limited to five people and are not allowed in homes.

Nunavut experienced a similar shutdown in March, but restrictions were lifted over the summer because the territory had no cases.

That changed on November 6 when the first case was recorded.

Since then, in less than two weeks, four different communities have reported infections and as of Tuesday there were a total of 60 active cases in Nunavut.



5:00 am The Scarborough Health Network has more COVID-19 patients than any other hospital in the GTA and about 14% of the samples at its testing centers have come back positive, according to an internal presentation seen by The Star.

An overview slide says the hospital’s three testing sites are sampling around 1,100 patients per day and based on the positivity rate that means Scarborough is seeing 154 new positive cases every day – which, if true, would represent more than a quarter of the daily new cases reported by Toronto Public Health on Monday.

The hospital is also helping with “several school outbreaks” and received four requests for school tests on Nov. 9 alone, according to the presentation. Of the 24 school outbreaks listed on the TPH website, six are in Scarborough.

The slide indicated that Scarborough was seeing confirmed or suspected outbreaks in at least 13 long-term care homes and that attempts to move patients “out” of the hospital were “thwarted by COVID outbreaks” in the institutions for the elderly.

Read the full story of the star’s Jennifer Yang here: “What about us? Internal presentation shows Scarborough Health Network has most COVID patients in Toronto

Mardi 21h31: The White House Coronavirus Task Force warns of an “aggressive” and “relentless” spread of the coronavirus as the United States heads towards the Thanksgiving holiday.

A senior administration official said Tuesday that scientists and public health experts have sounded the alarm over the spread of the virus, which is on the rise across the country.

In its weekly report, the task force says that there is “a large, aggressive, relentless and expanding community across the country, reaching most counties, with no evidence of improvement but rather further deterioration.

He says existing efforts to slow the spread “are insufficient and must be increased to flatten the curve. The panel also claims Thanksgiving trips and gatherings could “dramatically amplify transmission.”

This guidance departs from public comments by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who highlighted progress in vaccine development. But experts warn tens of thousands of Americans will die before a vaccine is widely distributed.

Read Tuesday’s developments here.


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