Tiger Woods facing disaster at the Masters. He stayed there anyway.


A narrowly missed putt. Then, finally, technically a tenth shot at a conclusion somewhere between merciful and heartbreaking. He cleared the hole with a 56 on the day and his worst single-hole score in his PGA Tour career. His gallery, already significantly reduced due to Augusta National’s pandemic precautions, has also leaked.

“He’s had a little disaster on that hole, hasn’t he?” said Shane Lowry, who was part of Woods’ group. “Look, that’s what Augusta is when the wind picks up like that. It’s a shame that we weren’t here for the whole day in this area as it would have been a great chance for some people to shoot good scores and move up really far in the rankings.

Woods certainly tried. But there wasn’t much to do on the last six holes when, even early in the day and before the torment at the hole known as the Golden Bell, Woods needed the biggest comeback in Canadian history. Masters if he wanted to keep his green jacket. for another year.

Observers clarified further. Woods continued to walk, invisible on almost every bulletin board on the course. It doesn’t matter.

Birdie. Par. Birdie. Birdie. Birdie.

Then at n ° 18, the place which saw the champions plunge into glory. He scanned the 465-yard hole, the last test of a lost tournament.

He drove him down the middle of the fairway, well to the right of the second bunker. Then came a push onto the green. A nifty birdie putt earned applause, but nothing like a roar.

A reporter then asked what his motivation was – if he feared, at 44 and with a career of triumph, pain and examination, that it might one day disappear.


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