This morning’s fans ‘in tears’ as the lonely aged caller has not been visited since March


This morning, viewers were moved to tears, after hearing an elderly viewer confess that they had been left completely alone since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.Margaret has reached out to hosts Alison Hammond and Phillip Schofield, as well as guest Brian Conley, as part of their new phone segment.

The hosts revealed that they will be talking on the phone to some select viewers that day, just to spark conversation.

They encouraged anyone feeling lonely or in need of a conversation to call to share their issues.

Margaret, 87, said she wanted to chat with “happy people” after not seeing anyone since March.

This morning, viewers were moved to tears after hearing an elderly viewer confess that they had been completely alone since March.

The spectator recounted how last fall she suffered a bad fall at home and was taken to hospital.

She revealed that she had broken her hip in two places that she was staying for a while and needed to recover.

Margaret went on to recount how her nephew, who is in the military, visited her in the hospital and brought her home after the incident just before the lockdown began in March.

Alison, Phillip and Brian contacted lonely viewers

But since the first Covid lockdown, she hasn’t seen a single person.

Phillip and Alison were shocked and saddened to learn that none of her neighbors had come to see her and that no one had visited her.

They encouraged her to try contacting people by phone, in the hopes that others will talk to her and maybe come and see her.

Viewers were moved by some of the calls

Viewers at home were also heartbroken for her, and many were angry that no one had attempted to contact her.

Speaking to Twitter, a viewer wrote: ‘Oh my God, not a single neighbor has visited this lovely lady ?! Margaret, my heart is breaking for you. I would like to be your neighbor to chat with you. Send you much happiness and wish you good luck. ”

Another said: “Listening to Margaret on @ThisMorning makes me so upset. Hearing that she hasn’t had anyone to talk to since the start of March is so upsetting. I’m so happy that @Schofe, @AlisonHammond, and @RealBrianConley are able to talk to him. Thanks guys! #ThisMorning. ”

A third added: “If Margaret’s neighbors are watching… TALK to her. Please. ”

This was picked up by another viewer who said, “Seriously Margaret’s neighbors. Sort yourself !!! Take care of her. ”

A fifth viewer tweeted: “This morning made me cry. How do we fail people like this? No one should be alone like this. Say hello, how are you. Learn the names of the people. Go back to childhood methods of being friendly. ”

This morning airs weekdays at 10 a.m. on ITV.


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