“They just didn’t want to let him go” – WWE Hall of Fame member reveals conversations with Undertaker before final farewell


The Undertaker retired from the Survivor series pay-per-view on Sunday. However, many fans have argued that he will be back for another game next year. It’s hard to believe that “The Deadman” is truly gone after three decades of an illustrious career.
However, one of his closest friends and longtime colleagues weighed in on the situation. Charles Wright, known in WWE as The Godfather, spoke to Sports Illustrated about the true nature of Taker’s retirement.

While WWE and Vince McMahon are known to bring out wrestlers even after emotional retirement, Godfather believes the Undertaker is done with the in-ring action for good.

“When I heard about this farewell, I texted and said, ‘Big Dog, are you done?'” this Wright. “And he said, ‘Bear, I’m done.’ Now he said it before, but they just didn’t want to let him go. This time he said he was done. I don’t know what Vince is going to throw at him on the river, but I think he’s done.

The friendship of the Godfather and “The Phenom” is as old as the latter’s career. The duo met at WCW but started off on the wrong foot.

Wright remembers, “I thought I was the only big guy in this territory, I was green and I wasn’t looking for new friends so it didn’t start out well for us.

However, after a particularly difficult match, the two came to an agreement and have been best friends ever since.

The Godfather and BSK were in attendance for The Undertaker’s final farewell

SI reports that The Undertaker specifically asked the Godfather to be there during the final farewell. Godfather immediately thought of an old school reunion in Bone Street Krew.

“When WWE invited me to the Survivor Series tribute for Mark, I immediately texted him and said, ‘Let’s have a BSK reunion.’ this Wright, “We paid tribute to Mark Calaway and the phenomenon he created with The Undertaker.”

The night before Survivor Series, the BSK got together, and as Wright describes it, “If you didn’t know better, it was like it was 20 years ago. We told stories, hugged, cried, and put Timmy White to bed, just like we used to do.

It is said that the Undertaker will join the Hall of Fame as early as next year. Hall of Fame member Godfather believes Taker forever revolutionized the sports entertainment industry. The “Deadman” deserves all the recognition he gets.


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