There are three parts to Donald Trump’s Endgame, says Anthony Scaramucci


In an interview with CNN this week, host Don Lemon asked Mr Scaramucci what he thought was the end of the President’s game with the ‘bogus lawsuits’ against the 2020 election.

Joe Biden was announced as the winner of the presidential election by major news organizations on November 7. Mr. Trump has yet to concede to the president-elect and has continued to promote baseless allegations of electoral fraud.

“It’s a combination of three things,” Mr. Scaramucci said in response. “When studying legal matters, none of those legal matters have much value, which is why all savvy lawyers drop out.”

“The president has three things for his endgame right now,” Scaramucci reiterated, noting how he thinks the president aims to “raise money”, “exercise power” and avoid legal “fear”.

“They have to keep paying off their debts and they need the money for their futures trading and therefore in the footnotes: come help me and raise money,” he said.

The Trump campaign has raised money from supporters since the election began to tilt in Mr. Biden’s favor towards the broad legal fight over the election outcome.

” Number two. He wants to see if he can flex and exercise power within the Republican Party… he wants to see if he has political legs after January 20, ”said Mr. Scaramucci.

He added, “And the third reason is that he’s crippled with fear because he has a whole slew of investigations coming up and he has a ton of unpaid debts.

“God only knows how much he earned inside the administration. He may not be able to use the money he has earned inside the administration to pay off this debt.

He then urged members of the Republican party who are loyal to Mr. Trump to stop helping the president, saying Mr. Trump had “disdain for these people.”

“He is as powerful as his willing accomplices,” said Scaramucci, who was sacked as White House communications director after just 11 days in July 2017 and has since turned against the president.

The former investment banker has made regular television appearances after his brief White House stance, offering insight into the president and speculation about his motives.

He concluded by warning those who support Mr. Trump to “wake up” by saying that his “political power is going to dissipate very quickly” after Mr. Biden’s inauguration.


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