The upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie will be directed by CREED 2 Helmer Steven Caple Jr.


Deadline Hollywood reports Paramount and Hasbro have chosen Steven Caple Jr. as director for upcoming Transformers movie. Caple will follow in the footsteps of Michael Bay, who is five live-action Transformers films grossed over $ 4 billion worldwide between 2007 and 2017. A soft reboot of the series was made in 2018. Transformers: Bumblebee. According to reports, Paramount and Hasbro first decided to restart the Transformers next franchise Bourdon setting up a sturdy writer’s room that created a myriad of terrains for how to reboot the giant robotic sci-fi franchise.

In the end, the studio narrowed it down to 2 scripts: a Beastwars spin-off de James Vanderbilt (Zodiac; The Amazing Spider-Man) and a continuation of Bourdon written by Joby Harold (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword; Obi wan kenobi). According to Deadline’s report, the Bourdon Harold’s sequel was chosen as the project to move forward.

It is not yet clear when the cameras should be rolling or if any of the Bumblebee actors are ready to reprise their roles. However, a start date in late 2021 is likely to be the smart move, as COVID-19 vaccinations are expected to be widely available by then.

In addition to the live-action project, there is also an animation Transformers prequel movie in development from Toy story 4 director Josh Cooley.

A third installment in the I think The franchise is expected to be led by lead star Michael B. Jordan, who will make his directorial debut.


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