“The Undertaker’s Legacy Will Live Forever” – Vince McMahon tears apart during the Undertaker’s final farewell


The WWE Survivor 2020 series is finally over, and we can certainly say that The Undertaker’s farewell has made every pro wrestling fan cry.The Undertaker delivered an iconic old-school “Deadman” promo to mark the end of his iconic career. The strange slow march to the ring, the promo and the actions that followed were extremely emotional moments for every wrestling fan.

The final farewell saw a plethora of WWE Legends and Hall of Famers close to The Undertaker make an appearance and pay homage to a legendary career and a legend himself.

There was another man there waiting to pay homage to “The Deadman” in his own way. He’s none other than the man who brought the character of The Undertaker to life – Vince McMahon!

Vince McMahon pays moving tribute to The Undertaker

Vince McMahon appeared to present “The Deadman”. The WWE President was struggling to contain his emotions. After all, The Undertaker was not only Mr. McMahon’s most loyal and essential employee, he is also a close friend.

M. McMahon a dit, “30 years. Thirty long difficult years. It’s been three decades! Three decades, this man does not stand up to his wounds and trials he has endured and has struck fear in the hearts, if not, terror in the hearts of almost everyone he has faced here in the ring. At the same time, entertained the world audience. Whether it’s WWF or, of course, the WWE Universe right now. “

The emotions on Vince McMahon’s face said it all. It was hard to get words out of his mouth.

“Tonight marks the end of an era. End of an era of a long and rich career. It should never be duplicated. So tonight we say, we say goodbye. They say, uh, they say nothing lasts forever. I think they are wrong, because The Undertaker’s legacy will live on forever! ” Mr McMahon continued before introducing The Undertaker in the ring one last time.

The circle is complete for The Undertaker today. Anyway for “The Deadman,” as fans, we certainly wouldn’t want him to come back to take souls and dig holes. Professional wrestling or sports entertainment, whatever you call it, will never be the same without The Undertaker.


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